Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Reason Why

I know you love Jesus
You don't give me a choice
I've heard all about Him
His amazing ways and the power of His voice
You seem bent on talking about Him
Until the end of your days
But there is a slight problem
With what your saying
We usually do things for a reason why

I can understand,if it's not all logic
There's no need for you to start getting all apologetic
If there's something I am not seeing (or whatever)
Then it must be upto a being, much higher
To open my eyes and do its job
And show me that I am such as slob
Dude, it's got to have a reason I can atleast buy

If you can link it to my present situation
You may be able justify the effort to take it to all the nations
But if you throw around morality
Subjective belief and comprehension
of things a book says that call for fearful apprehension
I have a much better reason to die

So, I say with much respect,
Before you put your belief to the test
To those in whom it hasn't been inbred
That you live by your choice of bread
And I live my life instead
Down the road, we shall head
When the winds prevail and when blows the heavy gale
And my understanding of life and all else fails
Then the Jesus, whom you speak of, may be the reason why