Monday, December 6, 2010

The Excuse of Christmas

The Magi spent quite a while
Following a star day and night
They stopped only at the Light
that shone under the guiding star so bright
They found their perfectly allowable excuse for Christmas

Ebenezer Scrooge thought he had too much too lose
Even on his poor Bob Crachit, he had to enforce his blues
But when the Ghost of Christmas Present took him to Bob's window glass
He underwent an extreme change from his cringing ways to depart
In a yummy turkey for Bob and more, he found his excuse, most importantly, in a change of heart

It's the Christmas Rush in the corner fancy shop
And a happy shopper was walking in, in a happy Christmas bop
Some fancies shine too much, some just right
All in all, for the owner it's another busy night
It seems they found their excuse for Christmas in colour and the shining lights

The dinner for the poor was very much in order
The poor man digging in was free from quite a spot of hunger bother
He looked up at the kind smiling faces who were gracious enough to serve him
At the same time, he was wondering where they were during the rest of his days that were dim
He was wondering whether he was their excuse for Christmas, but was too hungry to think further

The local church had many programmes lined up for the season
They seemed to have to celebrate, quite a great reason
In the midst of the fun, the madness and the frolic
The focus of the reason seemed to gradually lose its logic
That it indeed had nothing to do with their excuse is completely tragic.

The business man wanted to cash in on the celebration
He wanted to send out a very good vibration
So, he packed his products in to a Christmas case
And put on them on sale, all tied up in fancy red silky lace
As the profits rolled in, he seemed right at home with his excuse for Christmas

At the ever present carnival down the next corner
People rolled in, for lots of fun to order
They shouted and screamed as the excitement reached its peak
They began to start to want more excitement to seek
Their excuse for Christmas, at least, for the evening was just absolutely fine

As I pen this poem on a regular office day
These thoughts pester, in my mind, all the way
Why the wait, I wonder, to do it all at once?
Why the hurry to fit it into one single month?
What's the fuss over the day?
What's with the impulse, to which we sway?
If you love somebody, just show it anyway.
If you love a party, get down with it anyway.
If you want to buy stuff, why wait?
If you want to gift, why wait?
If you want to pretty up your crib, pretty it up already.
If you want to make a fuss, why suffer and wait for the Christmas Bus?

I'm still looking for mine, for years on end.
It doesn't look like there is one that will justify the trend
When you find yours, one that makes at least some sense
I will consider some in all this nonsense
I don't need an excuse, leave alone an excuse for Christmas or any other season.