Friday, April 22, 2011

Drag that cross across the stage - A modern Easter/Good Friday programme tribute

Come on and drag that cross across the stage
May everybody watching be amazed
At the immense suffering and the pain
Of the Saviour on the day that He was slain

Come on and drag that cross across the stage
Put on the spotlight his act of mercy and grace
Let's celebrate his suffering for it made us free
Oh yes, let's rejoice in that sweet liberty

Come on and drag that cross across the stage
He did it all just for you and me
There is no shame in it, you see
He didn't have any, so mustn't we

Come on and drag that cross across the stage
Let the world know how he quietened the rage
Of sin and shame that bore my name
and put Himself, in my place, to blame

Come on and drag that cross across the stage
Open those wounds and let them bleed
Slash that whip harder till you succeed
In letting the world respond to Christ's magnificent deed

Come on and drag that cross across the stage
Yes, you are sure that even He rejoices
When you make such a happy noise
About the pain He endured all the way

Why don't you drag that cross all the more
Put it up on your shoulders physically
So that we all can very clearly see
That Christ died for just for you and me

Come on, perch that cross up at the back end
So that He can scream in the agony and pain once again
So that we be haunted by those very thoughts
Just in case, of our reference point, we get lost

Let's glorify the wounds that set us free
Let's magnify because we must indeed
Let's make a hoarding, huge, big & gory
We must indeed tell the complete and full story

For our hands and feet are just too weak
To take those wounds entirely
That would invalidate the sacrifice of the Perfect Lamb
If we didn't, it would make the whole episode worthless, wouldn't it?

Gotta tell the story, gotta sing the song
Even if we have only one opportunity to do it all year long
And we also got to tell it right
So that we make an unforgettable deep mark in the mind

For it's that cross that we are to sell to the world
In the very size and shape that it was made
Woe be unto us if we take forward its symbolic meaning
Oh, it would be the greatest treason

Yes, because it implies nothing beyond a piece of wood
That on Golgotha was the centre of Salvation hung
To bleed and die, instead of you and me
Oh it's gory in all its beauty

For what it says beyond the event
Let's not venture there, that's not why He was sent
He came so he could die and go
So we could tell the world that He did that so

What it means in everyday life
Is centred on the piece of wood and its strife
Oh no, we don't take it way anywhere beyond that
We must pay obeisance to the blood & the wood

But before you drag that cross across the stage
Just check the case you exactly make
Whether your plea stops in its embodiment of the wooden tree
Or if it implies what it means, thereof, to be free indeed

The form it takes in your life and mine
Is the more important embodiment than that in wood
It's not that the cross is not that the cross is not important
The importance of the symbolism of the actual act must be sorted

So, actually stop literally dragging that cross across the stage
Make it less of an obeisance to the wood
And more of gratitude to the King
And showcase the praise He deserves, in lifestyle & deed, which is what we should bring

Let's put on a show, if it's our heart's desire
Let's celebrate the occasion in the Spirit and with fire
But don't re-crucify Him every year
Even if it's symbolistic, let's give Jesus a break

He's done the act and we're with Him now
He was never meant to be our psychological crutch
Especially ones that we strongly hold close and claim to depend on
Knowing fully well, and silently endorsing, the weakness that we need to depend on it for