Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lil' Jesus the Centerpiece

Lying on a toy shop window
Taken from the box of Christmas Last
Was a manger with a baby in it
Lil' Jesus the centerpiece

He was kept on  that window
For it was a season
Among many other things
of Christ the Reason

As the days went by
Many things were moved and were replaced
But that on window remained
Lil' Jesus staring out, unfazed

And so days did pass on by
Even the snow started to bellow
As did the people coming in
But Lil' Jesus didn't seem to go

As the days began to grow old
And the season began to fold
The owner set to close the doors
For even his Christmas was due too

As he was clearing up
He lay all things remained in a neat little heap
To go in which came the turn
Of Lil' Jesus the centrepiece

He lifted it up
And turned it around
“To what do we owe you here, still?”
He sighed and he breathed

As he was about to put it away in the heap
A rap on the door came after scuttling little feet
In a squeaky little voice, he spoke
“Please sir, can I have that please?”

Looking at it once again he almost bellowed
“But for its price, if you please”
The young lad pinched out a penny or two
And with a smile, he grabbed it and off he went

Glad that Lil' Jesus was gone at last
The owner went to put away the rest
And in his drawing he got much a surprise
For inside was a nativity fest

But there was commotion which he could sense
And he asked what was the problem was to his little darling princess
“What is the matter, dear daughter, pray tell?”
“There's something missing, Daddy. Look, can't you see?”

So he looked hard and fast at the display
To find out what what was missing, he just may
And as he was about to give up, something caught his eye
There was no manger and baby was what he saw

So, out he went, his coat he grabbed
To find that squeaky little lad
To bring back for his little princess that priceless toy
of Lil' Jesus the baby boy

Upon the window, he stepped
And, oh, did his heart melt
There was the boy next to a plain wooden table
Which had Lil' Jesus but there was no stable

There was no Joseph and Mary either
Nor the wise men or the Shepherds
He lingered on to analyze
What for the boy only wanted Lil' Jesus Christ

Just then, a gentle voice hushed him inside
“Hello dear sir, would you like something warm?”
It's cold outside. The wind is getting strong.”
He looked at the woman and asked her the tale

The woman told him that her little son
Always dreamed of having himself a nativity display
This year, she saved just one coin
One coin which she gave up for the dream of her little son

The rest of the story's already been told
He could choose but only one little nativity toy
But he chose not the sheep, the shepherd or king
He chose Lil' Jesus the Centerpiece

He went to the boy and asked him why
He chose that single piece out of all
The boy turned to him and smiled
“Because, sir,  without Jesus everything else would be nought.”

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