Monday, January 21, 2013

Some of the many things that Jesus said

Here are some of the many things that Jesus said
Only He knows when, only He knows where
And no one really knows why
But we must follow them to our last breath
The imagination that makes this poem
Comes from the specifications of these instances and reasons
As far as they make any case at all
If they cross a certain line
Such is only the basis of these things that He said, apparently

Having gathered His beloved around Him
For some time of sweet communion
He spread his arms wide, and then with a gleeful smile
He said, "Let's talk about ME"
With his thumbs pointed firmly towards Himself
Which is why we must give Him all the praise
Talk only about him, only His exact name spoken makes any talk worthy
Because He really needs to be told how awesome He is all the time
Everything he created is a tribute to himself
Not necessarily a natural reflection of Him
By default, with souls of their own
That feed his ego, or so it seems, in a strange way
In the same tone voice, He said,
"Build me a great big grand majestic house
One that's truly worth my splendour of My Majesty
One that I will be able to rest my head in atleast."
That's why we like things in his honour to be of large sizes
The larger the building, the greater His honour
The fancier the arrangement, the more He is happy
The more money spent, the more glory He is given
The more bling it involves, the more of his riches it sings
Funnily, the empty spaces in between the high walls
Only echo lack any real worth of His Word
How more worthy would it be if the fanciness of the arrangement
Was first, always and primarily the prettiness of our hearts inside
And that prettiness was made not made into non-breathing art or sculpture
But living work that spoke the His Word indeed
If only the money was spent on living
And not dead, works of His Splendor
In the temples that are you and I
In our actions, deeds and words
With true grandness, prettiness and richness

Setting his standard higher, He said,
"I need to be worshipped in hallowed portals of praise."
So, we are to always worship Him in such a manner
Where we express our desire to put him on a pedestal up high
For, and out of, the abundance that He has surrounded us with
Where we plan the whole affair knowing we will glorify him
And put him on that pedestal, in a manner that's grand, pretty
And with the richness of our abundance
But then just imagine the effort, planning, sponsorship
And all that goes into its organisation
Why don't we break out into praise in all this abundance
When we are out on the streets
And hold it all inside for these moments so grand?
Isn't that the grandeur, prettiness and richness we should be naturally exhibiting instead?
Carrying on with the theme of grandeur, prettiness and richness, he remarked,
"I want you to devote your lives to, every second of it, to Me in worship of my Majesty"
In perfect obedience, we took our passion for Him
Along with the grandeur, prettiness and richness
And added to it tremendous organisation so that it would be efficient
After all, the corporate guys did it and they were successful after all
So, we got the funding right
So that we could present a close-enough-to-perfect picture
We need to make it sound cool and fancy
It'll sell a little bit more
That's the point after all, right?
But then we ran a ministry with no involvement
No real involvement, that is
The guys who ran the show has their designations
And the volunteers came and did as they were told
They both worked according to agendas
They sometimes even let the money that ran the show speak first
After all, you needed the money to run show now, didn't you?
And of course, there were the organisational issues
We couldn't let the organisation die either, right?
If it did, so would our means of following God's call
Ministry became a business
Wasn't it to be a lifestyle? Something we do anyway?
How difficult is A to B logic now?
Weren't we supposed to go when He said, "Go"?
We were really busy with our agendas
We forgot that people don't see what we teach
They really, really see what we preach
We really devoted our lives to Him
In worship of His Majesty indeed
Absolutely Corporately
To end the discussion, He said,
"Keep my flock. Make sure they don't go astray."
Taking these words to heart, as we should,
We did that, as we should have
In an effort to keep it simple
So that we reach out the most people we probably can
We started getting relevant, of course, with right intention
So that they indeed don't go astray
To fight the influence of the world
We started packaging Christianity in boxes that sold
Hoping that all the packages will add up to Real Thing soon enough
We must take the fastest route that will probably be the most successful
Link it to everything around and they'll obviously get the sense in it
But when you juxtapose the Word and the World in such close relation
You obviously are messing around
A little too much more than you should
The healing is not in the reasoning of the mind
The healing's in the heart, only by the Master
Not by convincing that it's the better truth off the shelf
By telling them things that are much more than obvious
Than when we preach it for its original worth
The fun'n games follows suit

When we truly celebrate each other in the Lord
The frontier that is to be conquered
Is not to be bargained for by the mind
It is one that is to be bought over by the Master
We fully and completely inform and leave for
The deal between the Soul and the Master to be sought

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