Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Delhi Post-Tales - 1

It is strange indeed when a sleeping nation like ours awakes with such passion. It is strange because they were sleeping by choice of comfort before this. These issues, most importantly rape, was something they lamented about over dinner, coffee, drinks or Facebook, if they took note at all. Some of them would be bystanders while it happens and would lament it after as well. I don't hope to be either of them. 

Two things have risen out of the recent spate of events. One that the State in India is worse in thinking than the Mob they're supposed to keep, especially in emergencies. The other is the fact that we are a very ill-informed, over-educated (some may claim under-educated, if at all) at large nation  which forms and bases our basic ideas of nation pride over things like dinner, coffee, drinks or Facebook taking myopic viewpoints that either benefit only us and our really tiny understanding of what drives society and people. You can't blame us for all of that. I believe that if we teach these things in school, instead of the useless subjects we wade through to get through it, we would actually be a cluster of generations that is free indeed - one that reasons through these things at least. Our most popular immediate reaction to something that goes wrong won't be to stone the next bus, burn the next building, avenge and hang everyone or to castrate all rapists.   


First, the Failed Mobology that is quite evident. Sushil Shinde said that the police were but helpless to beat anyone and everyone because it is difficult to differentiate goonda and gentleman in a violent mob. If that defines their mobology, it only shows how inept they are with understanding of the problem(s) they are created to solve. When you are in power, you can get away with anything - even with gross blatant ineptitude. Blame the problem, while you're at it - but then, you are in power so that you can handle it. Any one can wield a stick and use it as best can.

One of the reasonable requirements of riot police is to exercise more control than the mob has, and not just beat it when it becomes difficult for them to control. What sport of expertise is that? That would be the basic non-contradictory function to the purpose they exist. Are we trusting administrative prowess that is essentially inherently totalitarian but one we resort to because, haplessly, that's always going to be all we can ever do about it (beat the protestors when we're done getting bugged with them)? How does the same government that is completely blameworthy on their inaction get away with beating people away when they protest against it? The condition of as-long-as-it-is-not-violent doesn't really suit any sort of logic. They cause the logic. Perhaps Manmohan Singh should speak some more. If his responses are a little more on the spur of the moment, and during the moment (not after it has died) , yet as reasonable as they are now - or maybe even more, it would serve the purpose of quelling protests before they start without the use of riot police. 

That way, mobology has more to do with pre-preventive steps based on understanding how people and society works, by people themselves, promoting better societal principles that set a healthy precedent as opposed to post-remedial and mostly totalitarian steps, blaming the uncontrollable mob for your failures. The latter method has no understanding of how people and society works. 

More soon...

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