Friday, August 1, 2014

A Certain Person

There was a Certain Person 
At a certain time 
Who had an uncle, aunty, mom, dad 
Or grandparent gone mad 
Who’s uncle, aunty, mom, dad (or grandparent gone mad) 
Told them to lead a life that is very sad 
To be respectable among folk 
Lest their actions may bad reactions provoke 
So they took the happy and easy route 
So that their lives would bear the fruit 
That their uncle, aunty, mom, dad (or grandparent gone mad) envisioned 
Probably because of their own strong lack of self vision 
So as they went along 
They sang a happy song 
Thinking that it will only a few years last 
Once they’re done they can have a blast 
Leading the lives that they’ve always wanted 
The least to one that must be granted 
But as it turned out, you see 
More than one year too many it turned out to be 
For their uncle, aunty, mom, dad (or grandparent gone mad) 
To be finally happy and glad 
That their little one grown big 
Has pulled off, so far, a great gig 
Now that everyone is happy and gay 
They can easily be one their way 
Just when, “What a liberating feeling”, they were about to say 
They realized that there was nothing that could pay 
For the years lost by in which they paid 
The price of a life that has been wastefully lead 
Of no meaning to their own soul 
But a curse with which they will have to stay till they grow old 
Because too deep had the life so far engraved 
In them a scar that can’t be saved 
But life must go on and much depends 
On them and while fulfilling these duties, they can’t make amends 
To the rot of the soul that was in them so deep 
That they dream of the disappointment everyday in their sleep 
But deeper it goes as time goes by 
As they live with the lost dreams as if on a faraway isle 
Till it comes to them to instigate 
That Certain Person that very road to take 
And something of their life make 
Such that nothing can be at stake 
So their respectability they can remake 
And salvage what was lost by them 
In lieu of their supposed-to-be lived life, the gem 
This process goes on and on 
Yes, it is an endless song 
That is passed down the ages long 
To only put to rest dreams, hearts and souls so strong 
But one thing can stop this tyranny 
This destroyal of heart, dreams and souls to be free 
If that Certain Person stamps their feet 
And says that these demands they will not meet 
Because we are making zombies of ourselves 
Lives that are not worth even putting on the shelf 
So if that Certain Person is you 
I beg and plead you to come through 
For this day, this age, this generation at least 
So people can follow their hearts in peace 
So you Certain Person wherever ye be 
Come out I pray ye